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How I Work On My Goals

Staying committed to achieving our goals is not easy. We need a consistent process that helps us prioritise our actions effectively.

Here is what I do to achieve my goals:

I schedule time to review my goals regularly. On December 31, I review the past year, and set goals for the next 12 months. I look at the different areas of my life - career, relationships, health, finance, fun, personal development, and identify 1-3 big goals for each of them, dividing each goal into four milestones. Once a quarter, I take a day just for myself, to check if I’m on track and if I need to adjust anything. Also, every Sunday, I go through my week to make sure that I take care of all the important tasks that will bring me closer to achieving my goals.

(The Find Your Way Coaching Cards definitely help with the process:))

What do you do to achieve your goals? Do you have a ritual or a practice that you follow to accomplish your targets?



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