One-To-One Coaching




Are you tired of struggling to be successful and not feeling fulfilled by what you do? 


Are you completely clueless about WTF you should do with your life?

Does it ever feel like you should be happier and more fulfilled?


I can help you find your way.

I know what it's like to be where you are, and I’ve spent the last 6 years helping myself and many others create the life they really want.

Together we will:

  • Clarify what it is that you want to do with your life

  • Identify your core values and design your life's "compass" that will help you create the future you want to experience

  • Remove obstacles that are standing in your way

  • Eliminate any limiting beliefs and habits that are holding you back

  • Identify your special gifts and talents that you can share with the world

  • Create a structured action plan, and (with me at your side) you’ll take the steps that will ignite massive changes in your life

You always have a choice in life. You can think of yourself as the poor victim of circumstance and just react to what life throws at you, or you can be an adventurer in a quest of fulfilling your dreams.

Are you ready to say YES to becoming the person you know you can be and finding your way in life?

Let’s talk.

Below is a list of coaching options. If what you had in mind is not there, just let me know! Maybe we can work something out.


​You are free to book the sessions one by one. Or if ongoing support sounds like a good idea the package deal might be a better option.

The first time we meet for an additional 30-minute intake, where we clarify your coaching goals, determine what’s important to you and how we can best work together to ensure that you achieve your goals.

CHF 100​ ​per hour
*One hour minimum​​

Walk & Talk

I offer a “Walk & Talk” option – I coach you while we walk. Walking relaxes and re-energises the body, helps to calm the mind, enhance mental clarity and sharpen thinking. 

A coaching session outdoors is less formal, more sensory and more likely to increase creative thought. 

You can use the “Walk & Talk” option anytime, as a standalone session, or as part of any other package.

Build Your Compass

This 2-hour power session will help you get clarity on what's important in your life. Together, we will build your life's compass that includes your values, your big dream, your mission, and your roles.

You'll walk away from this session with an integrated and coherent life management matrix (your compass), which will help you be more grounded and connected to yourself. 


CHF 180 - 2-hour Session

Package Deal

Depending on the issue a package deal is a great way to make a commitment to ignite change in your life and hold yourself accountable. It can help maintain motivation to follow through and take the required actions, as you'll know that support is not far away.

There is no fixed schedule. You choose when you want the next session. 

CHF 500 - 6 Sessions

Deep Dive

6-hour intensive

This immersive coaching experience is a total reset to a new perspective, a new outlook, a new way of being. 

The one-day program is 100% customized to YOU.

The goal is to address issues, remove obstacles, and make big headway quickly. 

CHF 500 - 6-hour Session

Special Offer for Students

-60% on ALL

Coaching Options!

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I clearly remember being a stressed out student struggling with questions of identity and purpose. That was the time when I most wanted the support of a coach, but couldn't afford to pay their fees. 

I know that almost all students feel anxious about their future, are unsure whether they make the right choices in life, or need a support of a professional, who will really  listen and help them understand themselves better. But, that usually costs a lot. So, I want to give you the opportunity that I didn't have. All students, who want to have some coaching with me are receiving 60% discount. Now, you have no more excuses. Together, we'll find your way!


Pawel's coaching inspired me to take huge steps forward as a leader. He is present, open and powerful, and pushes you in all the right ways. I was ready to make big changes in my life and work, and he helped me to take action and get powerful results. I highly recommend him!


Pawel made me feel understood, seen, and empathized with. Simply through his incredible non judgmental listening I felt empowered and able to take on any challenge.


Pawel is a powerful coach. The groundedness and enthusiasm he brings to his sessions not only creates a dynamic rhythm for our sessions- but momentum toward results. He is attentive and thoughtful in his approach and knows what is effective for me in different moments. I sought to work with Pawel when I experienced blocks around authentic expression in both professional and personal contexts. He very quickly created a trusting environment for me to explore and access my authentic voice. He delivers. I highly recommend working with Pawel.