I believe that the best way each of us can contribute and add value to the world is by looking at the problems that we face in our lives, try to find solutions to them, and then share these solutions with others.   

When I looked at the challenges that I had been facing in my life, I realized that the greatest impact on my own well-being, as well as those around me, came from work, relationships and personal development. I also noticed that the current approach that we, as a society, have towards them are completely wrong. These include:

  • Our models of management and teamwork

  • Our concept of learning and education at work

  • Our attitude towards personal development 

  • Our approach to career and passion

So, I made it my mission to help people and organisations to upgrade their approach, and find new ways to open up, change how they work, and have fun.


Here are some projects that I'm currently working on: 


I believe that creative play can transform work and learning in organisations.  It can bring back excitement and newness to the job. It helps people deal with challenges, provides a sense of growth, promotes mastery of our craft, and is an essential part of making people and organisations effective. Most importantly, creative play is the only path to finding lasting joy and satisfaction in our work.

I work with top organisations to deliver playful learning events for their people and introduce the concept of creative play at work. My goal is to help companies to stop trying to work together as a team, and start playing together as a team.


Society has all these rules and stereotypes about how we should live our lives. The prevailing wind of thought will tell you that you need to choose one career and become an expert at one thing. However, that doesn't mean that everyone is meant to follow this path. There is a different way. You can have multiple passions and structure your life around them. Many of us have multiple strengths and interests, but we never give ourselves permission to explore and cultivate them. You can get rid of whatever obstacles are stopping you from living, what I call, a multi-passionate life. It just requires a touch of creativity, a bit of determination, and a whole lot of action. 

My book, Combinatory Living, challenges you to reject the rules our society imposes on our careers, and encourages you to grow to your full potential. 

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I believe that personal growth doesn't need to be a struggle, and can become a fun adventure, by adding play into the process. I believe that everyone can learn to coach themselves to success in every area of their lives, by using simple and practical tools, without needing to spend lots of money on coaches, psychologists, and personal development training programs.  


That's why I founded Happy Coaching Tools - a company dedicated to creating fun, self-coaching products that empower people to live happy, fulfilling lives.